Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekly Newsletter
for the week of
January 23rd-27th

This week we continued our study of dinosaurs and ended it with a fun filled trip to the Dinosaur Museum.

B is for Bouncing the Ball 

How many 10's can you find?

My Pet Dinosaur

Our Field Trip

The kids went in search of tools that a paleontologist would use.

They then went through a cave to find pieces of dinosaurs.

Playing with dinosaur bones.

Ahh a Shark!

Now for the best part of all....digging up dinosaur bones!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Newsletter
for the week of
January 16th-20th

This week we had fun learning about and creating different dinosaurs. Look below to see some of the fun things the kids did this week in the preschool.

E is for Egg
We painted pictures of eggs with real eggs.

Dinosaur Hats
We made dinosaur hats out of dinosaur cutouts and ovals.

Stegosaurus Craft
The students cut out their own spikes for the stegosaurus and glued them along the dinosaur's spine.

Free Time
During free time the kids have enjoyed building with a variety of tools.